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Agnes Dei – Alleluia

People have lots of different expectations for heaven, but I cannot wait to fall at the feet of Jesus and sing “Allelulia,” knowing he is worthy of my praise.

My Independence Day

Today we celebrate America’s Independence Day with picnics, food, time with family, and fireworks. A multitude of people celebrate without recognizing the great sacrifices that were made in order to gain autonomy from Great Britain. We need to remember the lives that were given, the homes that were burned, and the families that were forever … Continue reading My Independence Day

I Love You More

When I was growing up my parents were not good at saying “I love you” or giving out hugs. It really wasn’t until my early 30s that I started hearing those words when I would come home for a visit. Do not misunderstand me—I knew my parents loved me, they proved it over and over … Continue reading I Love You More