Linda is a CLASS certified speaker who loves helping women connect their gifts with their passion for serving God.  Your group will connect with her warmth, transparency, and willingness to share in an authentic manner.

Her personal story has helped her understand the significance of “ordinary” women who do “extraordinary” things because they have listened to God’s voice and responded to His call in their lives. 

She graduated from Saint Louis Christian College (B.S.), and Lincoln Christian Seminary (M.A.) with an emphasis in Christian Education. She and her husband, Tom, who passed away unexpectedly in 2009, have four children, one son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren.

Linda can tailor speeches to meet your needs, whether it is a ladies’ tea, workshop, retreat, or leadership event.


  • Women’s Groups
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Leadership training
  • Seminars


Finding Joy in the Chaos

Life is frequently out-of-control and it is easy to lose our joy when we are in the midst of the everyday chaos. Health, jobs, relationships and more have been impacted our stress and anxiety levels. But the good news is that joy is possible despite the things we experience in our lives that are “joy killers.” Linda provides insight into both scripture and practical actions that can increase the joy in our lives.

Shine Like Stars

This is a three-part series that is tailored for a weekend retreat. Linda speaks about God as the light of the world, how we need to be a light in the world around us and a reflection of Christ, and what happens when our light grows dim and we need recharged.

Session 1 – God, The One True Light

Session 2 – Ways to Shine

Session 3 – When Your Light Grows Dim

Ordinary People In today’s celebrity obsessed culture, we often forget that it is ordinary, everyday people who make the biggest difference in the lives around them. Linda shares her personal testimony of how God uses the “ordinary” to accomplish the “extraordinary.”

Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos  As we have seen during the Covid-19 crises, life is not always the way we want it to go. Linda gives concrete examples of some ways we can bring joy back to our lives even in the midst of challenges.

Life Is a Masquerade Authentic Christianity allows women to show their real selves “flaws and all.” This speech shares ideas of how to look beyond the surface and minister to the woman beneath the mask.

Apples of Gold A chronic “foot in mouth” person, Linda has learned the hard way about the impact of our words. This speech explores what the Bible has to say about what we have to say.

More Topics:

The Porch Swing – Reaching people in the world around you

Who Wants to Be a Princess Anyway – A look at the the life of a princess and the lessons we can learn

Trouble in River City – living victoriously during times of difficulty

Leadership Topics that Linda can address: Team Building, Mentoring, Planning and Organizing Events, Developing Mission Statements, and more.


“Linda speaks from her heart, sharing truths she has learned from experience. Through life’s ups and down, Linda finds joy and peace in the midst of it all and shares these treasures with an openness and transparency that communicates authentic Christianity. Your group will learn, laugh, and leave refreshed as Linda shares her love for Scripture, God and others through her presentations.” —Colleen Jumper, speaker and writer

“She knows what she is talking about and expresses herself clearly (in a way I can learn and be inspired!)” —Brenda Poinsett, speaker, author, and ministry consultant

“Linda’s messages share insights that come from years of personal experience in leading Women’s Ministry and her personal walk with the Lord. Linda’s love for the Lord and passion to equip women to serve are evident by the programs and conferences she organizes. She will challenge you with her stories of personal spiritual growth and tips on how to grow in leadership skills.” —Janet Ross, Missionary at Ninos de Mexico

For booking information, contact by e-mail at cwrnlady @gmail.com or call 314-805-3933

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