What Happened in Ferguson?

My husband grew up in Ferguson, Missouri. We were married in Ferguson. We still have friends who live and serve in Ferguson, who are trying to make a difference in the city around them.  And it breaks my heart to see what has been happening since the shooting death of Michael Brown. Finger pointing, rioting, tears, and heartbreak.

For anyone who has lived in the St. Louis area, they must come to the recognition that it is steeped in racism and misunderstandings, on both sides–white and black.  The issues are complex and run deep.  There are no quick fixes or easy answers.  Poverty, lack of moral guidance, drugs, and violence all feed into a feeling of helplessness for some in the black community.

I talked to a young black woman today who was appalled by the riots and the violence demonstrated last night. Her words were, “Don’t they realize they are destroying the very businesses that have stayed in their community?”  I doubt that they thought that through. There is something about a mob mentality that doesn’t lend itself to logic and commonsense. Continue reading