Welcome to My World

Today I am finally taking the plunge and setting up my very own blog page. In all honesty, I have debated long and hard about doing this.  After all, I am a very ordinary person.  There is nothing particular that distinguishes me from millions of other people.  And, if we are being frank, I can be pretty boring on occasion.  So why write a blog?  What do I have to say that has not already been said in a myriad of different ways?  Nothing.  Zip. De Nada.

But somewhere deep inside of me I have this compelling urge to write and share from my heart.  I am a very ordinary person, but I am inextricably, irrationally in love with an extraordinary God.  And that is the crux of it all.  I love watching God moving and working in the lives of ordinary, every day people like me. He never fails to amaze me and even though I know He is capable of extraordinary things, each time I see Him in action, it is brand new and awe-inspiring.

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