Snow Apocalypse

Photo by Shawn Dearn on Unsplash

With the pending apocalyptic forecast of three days of snow here in our city, I do not know what I was thinking when I decided to go to the grocery store yesterday. All I needed was a container of cherry tomatoes for the recipe I was making for my neighbor, whose husband passed away. I had forgotten to add it to my grocery list for delivery yesterday. Go figure.

The first store I entered was crowded. The one thing I wanted was out of stock. So it was on to the next store—which was also crowded. Usually when I am in this store, I buy fresh flowers for my home. Not this week. Suddenly the same bouquet I bought last week was $15.00 higher. Oh yeah, it is Valentine season.

As I wended my way down the aisle to find the cherry tomatoes, I could find every other kind of tomato, but no cherry tomatoes. I did, however, find Roma tomatoes which would do in a pinch.

I added a couple of other things to my cart. (Who ever goes into the grocery store for one thing and comes out with JUST one thing? If you have the will power, kudos to you!) Then I headed for the check out lane. I always use the lane with a real, live person (I guess they are real, if they are live). No judgment on those of you who prefer the self-check. Well, today that line was 30 people deep. So I did decide to use the self-check lane. After a much briefer wait, I finally finagled my container of water so that I could scan it. Who puts the bar code on the bottom of a container of 24 waters? They seriously need to rethink that.

I complete my groceries and take the cart to the car. After I unload the groceries, I put the cart back in the cart corral which is at least 15 cars away. I get in my car and start to slowly back out of the parking spot, no mean feat. Of course, a big truck was on one side of me and a Chevy Suburban on the other. Now the thing is, I am short. I sit so short in the seat that when you are behind me, it looks like no one is driving the car. Who ever thought this parking lot would be practice for a demolition derby? Seriously it was. But after waiting for at least 10 cars, I was finally able to back out and head home.

All in all, I thought as I entered my garage, that could have been worse. I could be going tomorrow.

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