Here We Go

I am writing my first novel and I must confess that I have picked this up and put it back down for years! But God is nudging me and saying, “Finish it. You have something to say.” So I have made a goal to set aside July and August for some solid writing.

There are already so many people who have helped me as I have started this journey. I am part of a writer’s group that does a yearly retreat and they are so encouraging. I met with Kent Sanders, a writer in St. Charles MO, and he was SO supportive. I felt like I had just been to an awesome pep rally after spending time with him. If you have never listened to his podcast, The Daily Writer, I highly recommend it for anyone who writes.

When I was on my vacation in Las Vegas, I met with a long-time friend who just happens to be a psychologist. She gave me some wonderful feedback that will be helpful on my journey.

So watch for snippets of my book, The Porch Swing, on this blog. Occasionally I will be asking for feedback from my readers. Sometimes I will just share my challenges and my triumphs. So starting tomorrow I will be writing. I will let you know how it goes.

So here is a teaser: As a 17-year-old high school senior, Stephanie King was raped by her youth minister and cast out of her home by her father, who chose to believe the youth minister’s word over hers. She was disillusioned with Christianity and her relationship with God. But she is left grappling with unwanted emotions when she hears of her father’s death. Follow her story as she finds redemption, reconciliation, and reckoning for her abuser.  

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