The Words That Made a Difference

golden apleMany of us can identify defining moments in our lives, that may be seemingly insignificant to others, but mean a lot to us.  I was a senior in high school when my choir teacher had each of us stand and sing a verse–solo.  I sat listening as each class member sang, dreadfully anticipating my turn. Finally, the teacher nodded toward me and I slowly stood and straightened my shoulders. My clenched palms were sweaty and my heart was beating rapidly. My stomach was churning as I opened my mouth and let the first notes roll forth. My nervousness was reflected in my breathy, quavering voice.

As I was singing, I heard it. Giggling. Coming from the second row. From the group of girls who could REALLY sing (one of them was Miss Teen USA and her talent was singing). My face flaming red, I finished my verse and then quickly sat down, mortified and embarrassed. I knew I would never sing in public again. Continue reading

The Cost of Faith

As I read today’s headlines “Sudan Judge sentences Christian Woman to Death for her Apostasy,” I was appalled. According to the article on MSN, after a hearing in which she was accused of leaving the Islamic faith and after being asked to recant her faith, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag  “calmly told the judge: ‘I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy.””

Her sentence: Death

The 27-year-old pregnant woman, is married to a Christian from South Sudan.  Her father is Muslim.

As I read this article I had to wonder how many American Christians would calmly state “I am a Christian” under penalty of death.  I suspect it would be far less than those who claim to be Christians. Continue reading

Life Really Isn’t Fair – 5 ways to become a victor

Sometimes being an ordinary person really stinks!  Most of my friends and family fall in the “ordinary” (however you want to define it) category.  During this week I have friends who have had health issues, marital issues, financial issues, and  even dealing with suicide issues.  Unfortunately, life is bound to throw us all a curve ball on occasion. Sometimes we are a primary contributor to the issues, and sometimes we are are impacted by the decisions someone else has made.  In all honesty, life really isn’t fair. Continue reading