Worth Something

Recently I ran across a quote that said, “Every kid needs adults who love them in a way that convinces them they are worth something.” I have to admit there was something about that statement that resonated profoundly within me. As I thought about it over the next few days, I had to dig deep to see why it struck such a cord with me.

photo by Gean Montoya on Unsplash

Without going into a ton of detail and lots of history, I realized that one of the reasons it resonated so strongly with me is because I struggled with my own worth as I grew up. Having a mom who was a perfectionist taught me all kinds of things about doing stuff right, but it also placed a lot of unrealistic expectations on me as a child. I always felt no matter what I did, it was never enough. That really did influence my feeling (or lack) of self-worth. To this day, I still struggle with believing I am worth something.

As a parent of adult children, I also look back and realize I certainly could have inspired my own children more and have made more of an effort to encourage them in their own knowledge that they are worthy of being loved–unconditionally and completely.

Do you struggle with feeling like you are worth something? Oh, my friend, let me tell you–you are! When I met Jesus, I realized just how much I am worth. When I realized He loved me enough to die on the cross for all of my sins, it was one of the most freeing moments of my life. All of my doubts, all of my lack and all of my past wrongs, were nailed on that cross. He found me worthy of His love and grace. I live with that knowledge every day.

Satan is a liar and he whispers lies in my ear: “You are not worthy to be loved.” “You are not worthy to find joy in life.” “You are not worthy if you do not measure up to everyone’s expectations.” Every single day Satan tells me — You. are. not. worthy. BUT God tells me I am.

Because God has loved me in unfathomable ways, I am worthy to be called His child. I am worthy to be adopted into His family. I am worthy because He cleansed me and made me whole. What a marvelous gift He gave me and you. Never doubt for one moment that you have worth. The very fact that God sent His only Son to earth to die for your sins shows just how much worth you have in His eyes.

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