No Easy Answer

As with many others, I am shocked and saddened for the people of Uvalde, Texas–a place I had never heard of before Tuesday. There are no words that are adequate to help the wounded hearts in that town. I wrote a post of May 25, 2009 that expresses a lot of how I feel. Just a few months after the original post, my husband passed away unexpectedly and I was left with lots of questions and no easy answers. But love certainly helped me recover and take one step in front of another while grieving.

Photo by Claudia Wolff on Unsplash

I could easily talk about all the reasons I think this happened–none of which make sense in light of the carnage–or all the things we need to do in the United States to keep this from happening again. But I will not in this post. The fact is there are no easy answers for the wounded right now.

The following is my facebook post on May 25, 2009

In the past month individuals I love have lost loved ones–some to suicide, some quickly and unexpectedly and some because of long, lingering illnesses. There is no easy way to say goodbye to the ones we love. It is even harder when you don’t have a chance to say goodbye, to tell them how much you love them, how proud you are of them, what a privilege and blessing it has been to know them. It’s hard to let them go after you have watched them battle their demons and finally come out stronger, healthier, and looking forward to what life has in store for them.

There is no magic answer, no quick cure for the pain, nothing to make it all better. We just hold on tight and let the ones left behind know we love and care for them.

The fact is death is a part of life: unescapable, final, an end of all you have strived to accomplish. But as a Christian, I believe that death is but the beginning of a new life of love, worship, and adventures with God. This body is just a vessel housing my spirit, waiting for it to be released to a far better place, in my real home with God. And while I selfishly want to stay here for a while yet, I realize that the day will come when this life as I know it will cease and a new, far more exciting one will come.

But for now for all of those who are grieving, take solace in knowing you are loved by a God who knew sorrow at the loss of His son and who carries our sorrows with him. You are loved by your family and friends who sorrow and grieve with you and for you. No, there are no easy answers, but you are loved deeply by God. And sometimes, love is is the only thing to see you through.

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